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Back cover background WhatDoesItProfit_F

The nation's

new political thriller-the hope for justice is still alive.

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The nation could hope again.  Americans could trust a presidential candidate once again.  Religious zealots believed he was the Messiah.  Cynics wanted to grab onto him, someone tangible and greater their own sarcasm. Folks, in between, looked forward to the future with inspiration.  They, all, chanted Malik’s name until assassins set upon their candidate and silenced his voice, driving hope into a comma.

His wife Aiwa Clinton-Fattah had little time for rage, little time for grief.  She reacted on behalf of her husband and surprised his attackers by doing what he couldn’t…search for justice.

The search was a dangerous undertaking.  Anyone with the guts to sic assassins against the next likely president wouldn’t hesitate to wipe Aiwa off the face of the earth.  She didn’t care.  What did mean something to her was protecting America and the people living there from a power that destroyed hope and embraced tyranny.

Together with individuals she trusted, she launched her own investigation, one that friend and reporter Moreen Wright put on the front page.  A coverup was sparked by the first leaf shuffled and made public.  The question then became…could Aiwa and Moreen sustain?  Could they dodge the attacks aimed at them?  Could they see through the smokescreen of political intrigue to uncover the true assassins?  Did they have what it takes to dethrone the powers that be?  This story unfolds as unexpected heroes and villains lock in battle.